Argex Titanium’s Ti02 validated in commercial tests

Canadian company Argex has had its TiO2 pigments validated for commercial optical properties tests.

This follows on from its October 2017 announcement that its Ti02 pigments were meeting the industry standards’ physical specifications related to composition, size distribution, and morphology.

EMCO Inortech Inc, an external specialised laboratory, evaluated the Argex product in several paint formulations and the results indicate that its optical properties perform as well or better than standard products accepted by numerous paint producers in the industry.

Three optical properties of this paint test were achieved simultaneously on Argex’s Ti02:

Dispersion - the product mixes well in several paint types and is a function of its size distribution; large particles do not disperse but settle to the bottom of the paint;

Masking - the product used in a standard formulation must mask a black background comparable to a standard reference;

Tint strength - the paint sample with the standard recipe for TiO2 content must pass a comparison against paint with the sample TiO2 content of a known commercial material.

“These results prove that the Argex technology successfully produces finished TiO2 for paint and coating applications worldwide.

“With this in hand, paint producers get the certainty that Argex’s product is reliable and can be considered as a solid newcomer in the industry.

“The confirmation by this external laboratory will facilitate and accelerate discussions with potential clients in order to get their own specific approval” said Mazen Alnaimi, Chairman and CEO of Argex Titanium.

Argex Titanium Inc. has developed an advanced chemical process for the volume production of high grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) for use in high quality paint, plastics, cosmetics and other TiO2 applications.  

Argex’s unique proprietary process takes relatively inexpensive and plentiful source material from a variety of potential vendors, and produces TiO2 along with other valuable bi-products.

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