Water-based coating with salt spray resistance of more than 1000hr

Rarely has a water-based coating passed 1000hr of salt spray testing or was it thought possible to get so much protection at only one mil dry film thickness (DFT). Now, through the cutting edge Nano VpCI coatings chemistry of Cortec Laboratories, the first water-based coating has been created to withstand a minimum 1000hr of intense salt spray at super thin coverage rates.

EcoShield 386 water based coating powered by Nano VpCI is a major breakthrough in the water-based corrosion inhibitor coatings market. Now it is possible to protect metal structures in extremely harsh outdoor conditions with just a very thin high gloss clear coat of EcoShield 386 that allows visual inspection of the substrate. Application possibilities range from industrial, to energy, to oil and gas, to automotive uses. It is an excellent choice where long term corrosion protection with UV defence is required, especially in harsh marine conditions exposed to extreme salt spray.

Its unique acrylic-based formula uses a complex mixture of nano sized non-toxic organic inhibitors, which provide protection superior to traditional corrosion inhibiting coatings. Performance has exceeded even the expectations of Cortec’s own ISO 17025 Accredited Lab, where it achieved reproducible corrosion protection results on carbon steel panels according to the ASTM B117 Standard (with minimal creepage from the scribe). 

Additional features include:

Fast drying and easy to work with

Low VOC, less than 0.6lbs/gal (68g/lit)

Applicable via spray, dip or brushing

Resistant to sagging or running

Non-flammable protective barrier

UV resistance discourages cracking or chipping under extended sunlight exposure

Can be tinted to match custom colours

Can be used as a DTM coating or as a topcoat over the appropriate primer

Cold weather (winterised) version
also available.

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