Vink real time analysis kit for efficient usage of biocides

With simple contact samples and real-time ATP tests, operational hygiene can be monitored in order to use biocides more specifically and efficiently

With simple contact samples and real-time ATP tests, operational hygiene can be monitored in order to use biocides more specifically and efficiently

The biocide market is constantly changing due to revisions of existing legislations.

Thus, the use of many biocides in products like paints and varnishes is being further regulated.

Vink Chemicals therefore strongly recommends users to strive for more efficient biocide usages in order to achieve required product preservations, even with lower biocide dosages.

For an efficient use of biocides the operational hygiene, above all, should be controlled and assessed with a continuous hygiene monitoring.

Biocides can then be used in a more targeted and economical way.

Vink Chemicals offers hygiene audits, consulting and tailor-made hygiene concepts for its clients.

The objectives of these measures are better hygiene levels in plants, faster and better incoming goods inspections, optimised biocide use, less waste and lower costs.

For hygiene monitoring Vink Chemicals recommends a real-time analysis kit, which allows the evaluation of an ATP-based reaction (ATP = adenosine triphosphate) and, therefore, the hygienic condition of production facilities with low effort.

If, for example, paints and varnishes are produced and bottled under better hygienic conditions, the required in-can preservatives can be optimally dosed.

This lowers costs and is good for the environment.

The ATP tests are easy to use and allow the reliable determination of the most important product-damaging microorganisms in any location within a few minutes and in almost any sample material.

For the assay, the ATP, produced by existing microorganisms, can be detected by second generation ATP analyser after being enriched with the light-emitting enzyme Luciferase in a simple biochemical reaction.

Furthermore, a differentiation into dead and living cells is possible.

Six efficient test kits allow rapid assessment of the hygiene condition of water, cooling water, waste water, industrial process and metalworking fluids, product samples, oil and fuel.

A further quantitative determination method of specific bacteria, yeasts and fungi offer agar-coated dip-slides.

These allow to take simple contact samples of surfaces or by immersing them into liquid sample material.

After only a short incubation time of up to three days, microbial colonies formed can then be counted.

The test results can indicate measures that ought to be taken: rejection of incoming and outgoing goods, use of biocidal products or cleaning of the production facilities with the Vinkocide system cleaners.

As a result, the system cleaners of Vink Chemicals ensure a deep, sustainable cleaning of systems with a long-term effect.

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