Rain Carbon Inc.expands capacity for hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins

Rain Carbon Inc commissioned detailed engineering for a new plant for the production of hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins (HHCR). The new plant will be designed to produce a wide range of premium hydrogenated resins for use in the adhesive and marine coatings industries and other industrial applications. The annual production capacity is expected to be 20,000t/yr year and could begin operations by the end of 2018.

The new HHCR product line would supplement the existing portfolio of Rain Carbon’s hydrocarbon resins marketed world-wide under the brand name Novares produced at Rütgers’ sites in Duisburg, Germany and Uithoorn, The Netherlands.

“State-of-the art production expertise and a new first-class technology center will enable Rain Carbon Inc. to supply its customers with a next generation of hydrocarbon resins.”  said Uwe Holland, Managing Director of Rütgers Novares GmbH. Industrial resins are important additives for car rubber products including tyres, coatings and adhesives.

This new product line would allow Rain Carbon Inc. to capitalise on the increasing demand for more hygienic and colorless grades of adhesives known as “water white” resins.

Gerry Sweeney, President of Rain Carbon Inc also commended the effort saying: “The project would strategically support the company’s continued drive to diversify its high value chemical products portfolio.”

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