Heubach to present new pigments and pigment preparations at the European Coatings Show 2017

Heubach will be presenting a number of extensions to its product portfolio in Hall 7A, stand 324 at the European Coatings Show (ECS), which is to be held from April 4–6, 2017, in Nuremberg, Germany. 

HEUCOTINT UN 41, 42, 43, 44 – New universal high performance tinting systems 
Heubach has expanded its well-known universal HEUCOTINT UN tinting system range of water-based, high performance pigment preparations to include four new tinting lines marketed under the trade names HEUCOTINT UN 41, HEUCOTINT UN 42, HEUCOTINT UN 43 and HEUCOTINT UN 44 series. The sophisticated formulation technology has been further improved, resulting in a HEUCOTINT UN product family, which allows the tinting of solventborne alkyd coatings up to silica plasters and is also compliant with the current regulatory requirements and environmental labels. 
The Heubach HEUCOTINT UN kit system, which comprises Heubach’s broadly varied range of universal tinting system lines combined with cutting-edge, highly flexible production technology to result in the shortest development times for additional or tailor-made coloUrants, allows for any kind of tinting system configuration. All of these coloUrant tinting systems are specifically designed for point-of-sale tinting (POS), as well as for in-plant applications (IPT). 

HEUCODUR Yellow 2530 / 2570 / 2590 - Super-strong chrome rutile yellows (P.Br. 24) 
HEUCODUR complex inorganic colour pigments offer outstanding performance in terms of chemical, temperature and weathering resistance and are the first choice for formulating durable colours in all kinds of technical applications. 
After the successful market introduction of Heucodur 2550 (medium shade), this is now being joined by family members Heucodur 2530 (light shade), Heucodur 2570 (dark shade) and Heucodur 2590 (very dark shade) to combine these well-known properties with an extremely high tinting strength. The products exhibit a significant cost saving potential when combined with TiO2 or organic pigments, while maintaining the typical benefits of standard mixed metal oxide pigments. 
The introduction of these new grades coincides with the company's recent significant increase in production capacity to meet the globally rising demand for this pigment class, eg as a chrome yellow replacement option. 

HEUCOPHOS - Zinc-free anticorrosive pigment solutions 
Looking back into history, one of the driving innovative factors behind ACO Pigments was legislation. Continually stricter handling of labelling has been observed in the past and can also be anticipated for the future. To this end, Heubach decided to apply the same labelling procedure for all zinc-containing products without considering any currently possible exemptions, which implicate a high risk of being withdrawn in the near future. 

As a result, the call for zinc-free anticorrosive pigments without labelling has steadily increased in recent years. As a global market leader, Heubach developed a range of zinc-free anticorrosives, which provides environmentally friendly solutions even in demanding primer systems. The product portfolio consists of zinc-free standard phosphate, modified orthophosphates, modified polyphosphates and ion-exchange pigments. 

In addition, Dr Thomas Sowade (Marketing, Business Development and Product Manager) will present in his talk at the European Coatings Show Conference on April 4, 2017, the results of different paint systems, varying binders, substrates, anti-corrosive pigments etc and compare salt spray test results with the test results of much faster electrochemical impedance spectroscopy from the standpoint of an anti-corrosive pigment manufacturer. 

All guests are warmly invited to visit the company's trade fair stand 324 in Hall 7A for in-depth information on its extensive product range, which specialises in pigments and pigment preparations for paints, coatings and printing inks.

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