BASF’s Colors & Effects brand introduces a cosmic blue stir-in pigment

BASF has launched the second stir-in pigment for automotive coatings with its eXpand!™ technology, enabling enhanced colour depth, flop and sparkle.

eXpand! Blue EH 6001, marketed under the Colors & Effects® brand, is the second pigment with the pioneering stir-in technology resulting from the strategic partnership between BASF and Landa Labs.

Within one year after the launch of eXpand! Red EH 3427, BASF will be exhibiting eXpand! Blue EH 6001 at booth 7A-724 at the European Coatings Show, held in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 19-21.

“We saw great success with the launch of eXpand! Red, having generated sales just five months after its launch in March 2018.

"That’s a quick timeframe to earn sales for the market entry of an automotive pigment.

"In reaction to this market demand, we have now sped up to deliver new colours with this revolutionary pigment technology,” said Paul Verhoeven, eXpand! business leader at BASF.

“With introducing eXpand! Blue, we continue to demonstrate our commitment for innovative pigment developments.”

The deep blue pigment features both high transparency and high tinting strength for more chromatic shades with lower scattering.

The small particle sized stir-in pigment is easily dispersible, which significantly reduces cost and time spent in production processing.

At the same time, it is compatible with modern automotive coating systems and is suitable for outdoor applications.

The featured pigments for the automotive industry also include two new members of the Lumina® Royal family: Lumina Royal Exterior Russet EH 2633 (S5903D) and Lumina Royal Exterior Amber EH 2630 (S2903D).

The brilliant semi-transparent effect pigments extend the colour space potential for vibrant red and bronze shades in automotive OEM/refinish and industrial coatings.

Using attractive, digitally displayed car shades, BASF displays the colour visualisation capabilities of their new pigments.

Suitable for use in industrial and architectural coatings, BASF presents Sicopal® Turquoise EH 3475 (L 8215).

The greenish-blue hue of Turquoise expands the colour space of inorganic pigments and provides a full range of highly durable pigmentation.

Sicopal Turquoise also offers a supplement to the extensive Colors & Effects portfolio for modern mixing systems.

BASF’s dry dosing solution for point-of-sale architectural tinting with Xfast® Easy Color offers more intense colours in combination with an increased convenience.

The clean handling and contactless re-filling with the click-in packaging allows tinting paints with a reduction of waste and improved cost-in-use.

With the MIT free Xfast and Luconyl® NG portfolio, BASF has already reacted to new eco regulations and thereby enables paint manufacturers to prepare for the biocide’s reclassification in 2020.

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